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Sunday in the Park

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My friends have posted some details about today and I felt it my duty to show you my side of the story. First, my dec 27, 2014 – hcpcs short description, baclofen 10 mg order baclofen online, buy street price . baclofen online kopen baclofen tizanidine baclofen 10 mg name is Lenny. I have been called a “pimp” by some people but let me clear the record. I am Gina’s manager. She needs somebody to book her dates, besides the protection of course. So naturally we came to a fight in the park because she has been hanging out with this punk preacher boy. I had to slap him around a little to teach him manners. The last thing I remember was telling him to get out of my face. I woke up in the park and they just left me. I must have slipped or something. Anyhow, I would like Gina to call me if she reads this and tell me where to pick her up. She better get back to work–my clients are really getting on my nerves. And for the church boy, get the $#%% out of my town and leave my Girl alone. Finally for Carlos: Call me again if you want me to be in your movie man. I can hussle you some cheap film or a camera. You just tell me what you need bro. I think your movie’s gonna be really tight man. Later people. Lenny.

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